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Monday, July 2, 2012

Updates Knoji and Runescape

Since is becoming less dependable on money, I have to move on going to other sites to make money online. I already tried other sites like Triond and Expertscolumn. I would want to try hubpages but I am waiting for Google to reconsider my appeal. Stupid click exchanges screwed my Adsense. Anyways I do not know any other methods to make money online there are PTC's and etc. So I guess I'll be sticking on writing for money. If only Knoji became as reliable as it used to be. On Runescape I got 98/99 Ranged today hopefully I could get it tomorrow. Twitter Followers are still under 1000 =(. Blogging for me is like making long tweets. Which is definitely easier than short tweets. Well batteries almost dead so bye!

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